Internal Investigations

Specializing in consulting, assisting and conducting confidential investigations for municipal government agencies with emphasis on police internal investigations.

Specialized Training

We provide a wide variety of training modules including seminars on a series of management and supervisory subjects specific to Massachusetts.

 Special Investigations

Assisting municipalities and police departments with issues or training relative to subjects such as: professional misconduct, ethics, sexual harassment and discrimination.

 Integrity Checks

We utilize proven techniques designed to discretely and comprehensively test the integrity of officers performing their everyday duties in their official capacity.

What We Do

Internal Investigations

Ifthe public doesn’t believe that its police department is capable or willing to police itself with integrity and efficiency, then that police organization will find itself under scrutiny for all of its actions.

When the general public becomes fearful or intimidated by members of any police organization, then that organization has failed to perform its basic function which is "to serve and protect"

A police department’s policy and practices concerning complaint reception, processing and investigation are the keys to ensuring the public’s expectations of that police department are met.

Specialized Training

Weprovide a diverse and topical variety of in-depth training modules including seminars on management and supervisory subjects specific to Massachusetts Law Enforcement. For example:

  • Supervisor Liability
  • Conducting Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Accountability & Discipline for Supervisors
  • Integrity Based Supervision
  • Implementing Discipline
  • Interview & Interrogation Techinques
  • Integrity Based Management
  • Intergrity Based Leadership

Special Investigations

Ourstaff members are experienced investigators with years of training in  conducting confidential municipal employee investigations in both union and non-union venues.

Our staff is likewise experienced in conducting various other types of investigations including; administrative internal investigations, criminal conduct by public employees, municipal employee corruption, financial malfeasance, sexual harassment allegations, allegations of discrimination and computer crimes and misconduct. We are fully insured and have a large list of satisfied clients. 

Integrity Checks

Thisunique service is available to law enforcement leaders who are serious about the integrity of their respective organizations. We have developed and designed several important scenarios involving law enforcement officers designed to secretly test the integrity of officers in the organization.

These scenarios were designed to test the integrity of your officers while in the performance of their official everyday duties. The checks are conducted by professional staff members with the highest degree of confidentiality possible so that the officers involved do not know that they have been tested.

Assessment Center

APD'ssister company, Integrity Testing LLC, offers Assessment Center Testing for all of your selection and promotional needs. Integrity Testing LLC was founded by two law enforcement executives from Massachusetts with over 65 years' experience between them.

Integrity Testing LLC is fully insured and ready to provide you with a quality selection process based upon your organization's and community's needs whether for police, fire correctional or educational staffing.

Click here to visit Integrity Testing LLC

Injury Surveillance

Ourhighly trained staff has years of experience in investigations and surveillance techniques. Our staff will provide investigative surveillance on employees claiming to be injured in the line of duty who are suspected of fraudulent claims.

We will provide surveillance with the latest and technologically advanced equipment available. Full investigative reports are available.

Other Services Available

Ourprofessionally trained staff is available to assist you in several other areas including, but not limited to, the following additional services:

  • Promotional Testing
  • Interim Assignments for Executives
  • Interviews
  • Employee and Executive Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Executive Training
  • Recruitment and selection of candidates at all levels

Who We Are  

APD Management Inc. was founded by Alfred P. Donovan, Chief of Police (retired), Town of Tewksbury, MA in 1998 in response to a demand in the law enforcement field for executive development programs and training for law enforcement managers and supervisors. APD’s staff is comprised of qualified and experienced active and former law enforcement professionals dedicated to providing a wide variety of useful services to our clients. Our staff is committed to providing our clients with whatever professional assistance is required, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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