Cultural Diversity and Bias Training for Public Safety Officers


COST: $179 per person



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Seminar Description:

Stop Bias and Discriminatory Practices!

• An interviewer asks different questions of different candidates depending on their race/ethnicity, age, and gender.
• A Police Chief invites a male worker to attend a sporting event while ignoring a female worker who’s sitting right there.
• A Police Executive offers defensive tactics training to five male Police Officers and ignores his only female Officers request even though she is more than qualified.

These may seem like minor issues, but they can add up to create a pervasive (and possibly illegal) culture of bias. But if unconscious bias is, by definition, unconscious, how can HR recognize and correct it?


  • Help Participants Recognize the difference between “conscious” and “unconscious” bias
  • Outline the ways in which training will benefit everyone and the organization
  • Increase awareness of unconscious bias in recruiting, hiring, performance evaluations, executive development, and promotions
  • Help create a culture of belonging and inclusion by taking small actions that result in a worthwhile change
  • Service Orientated Policing – Value Based Policing – Integrity Based Policing – Community Orientated Policing – all deal with HELPING PEOPLE!
    and follow-up employment process.
  • All people have equal intrinsic value
  • All Police Officers are responsible to create meaningful engagements with the public
  • All Police Officers are responsible for the perpetual act of uplifting the people they encounter
  • All Police Officers are required to protect and SERVE!