Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs process is one of the most important functions of a police organization’s internal structure because it is expected to ensure the integrity of the organization while upholding the public’s trust and faith in police services.   If the public doesn’t believe that its police organization is capable or willing to police itself with integrity and efficiency, then that police organization will find itself in trouble and under scrutiny for all of its actions.   When the general public becomes fearful or intimidated by members of any police organization, then that organization has failed to perform its basic function which is;  to serve and protect its citizens.  A police department’s policy and practices concerning complaint reception, processing and investigation are the keys to ensuring the public’s expectations of that police department are met.  

 (The information attached to this Web Site are example letters and/or forms which should be reviewed by your Labor Attorney to assure that they are right for your specific organization.  The forms and letters are specific for Massachusetts Law Enforcement Agencies)

Downloadable Resources

  • Notice to Appear Letter
  • Administrative Leave Notice
  • Article 12 Waiver Form
  • Ground Rules for Administrative Interview
  • Tape Recorder & Ground Rules Form
  • Cell Phone Records
  • No Contact Order
  • Notice of Extenuating Circumstances Form
  • Policy Rights Advisement Form